Capture the Hidden Value

CIDA – we awake the beauty of Industrial Design.

The Circular Industrial Design Accelerator for transforming emissions and waste industrial materials into advanced sustainable consumer products with the power of design.

CIDA – Acceleration as a Service
We have developed an asset-light/ low risk approach to product design, prototyping and commercialization: fast and with measurable ROI.

Transform waste into consumer products...
…and capture the hidden value…
…with the power of design.

Are you an industry player ready to be disrupted by the circular economy?
We can help you turn your product disposal costs into a profit center with a few questions and a call.

CIDA - the premium circular lifestyle platform.

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Florian Hofmann
Maria-José Garcia

Do you want to check what kind of post-production/pre-consumer products your organization has for disposal on a regular basis? Are there End of Life/ Second Life initiatives to build on or to further develop?

Let’s have a look at a few facts to evaluate the transformation into a sustainable new business opportunity.