The future-oriented
HR-Transformation Program

Within a company’s reorganization and transformation processes, staff restructuring or downsizing are central elements. Such changes are accompanied by fundamental questions about future prospects for employees and require particularly intensive communication.

In the short term, such a structural change means a labor policy challenge to which there must be answers in a modern society. Corporates need intelligent, effective and above all socially acceptable instruments for their workforce adjustments.

At 1886Ventures we have developed just such an innovative tool called KICKSTART21.

KICKSTART21 is a qualification program that guides employees in a targeted and successful manner into self-employment as entrepreneurs.
KICKSTART21 inspires and supports the participants in their decision to become self-employed over a period of 12 months.
KICKSTART21 creates new jobs and companies and is economically attractive for both employers and employees.
KICKSTART21 is an innovative personnel program for fair cooperation in a future-oriented society.

As a company builder with a corporate background at Mercedes-Benz we have guided various employees from idea to spin-off.

HR is people business and if you want to know more, then let's talk person to person.

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Volker Gesmann