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1886Ventures believes in co-creation because innovation is teamwork. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in an innovative partnership with us.

We are entrepreneurs and brave thinkers - ready to make a difference

Ulrich Dietz - Managing Partner

Entrepreneur, Founder and Digital Pioneer. Founder GFT Technology SE, 1999 IPO of GFT, Chairman of the Board of Directors GFT, Vice President BITCOM, CEO RB Capital GmbH

Susanne Hahn - Managing Partner

Industry, New-Tech, Transformation, Founder. Former TOP-Management of Mercedes-Benz, a.o. Lab1886 Global and Corporate Organization of Daimler AG. Advisory Board Member, CEO SKV Invest GmbH

Kai Siebert - Managing Partner

Finance and M&A Expert. Former Director Finance Daimler AG Headquarter, Stuttgart. Former Director Corporate Controlling Mercedes-Benz AG und Daimler AG Headquarter, Stuttgart. Former CFO Mercedes-Benz AMG GmbH