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1886Ventures develops and operates companies with focus on digitalization, sustainability and decarbonization.


GLOBE develops digital connected, hydrogen-based fuel cell aggregates for industrial applications.

GLOBE has its origins in the Mercedes-Benz fuel cell research department and has set itself the goal of accompanying industries on the path to decarbonization with green technology - Made in Germany.

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Carve8 is a white label, 100% digital auto subscription expert for automotive trade and fleet owners

Originally born as Mercedes-Benz Flexperience, a project of the former corporate incubator of Mercedes-Benz, Lab1886, the platform was developed together with automotive sales experts. Carve8 is a  smart plug-in solution. We integrate your car subscription system on your website - quick and easy.

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CIDA stands for Circular Industrial Design Accelerator and transforms industrial components from the automotive industry that are to be scrapped into sustainable premium upcycled products and thus supports car manufacturers in implementing circular value chains.

CIDA cooperates with leading design studios and universities fostering a young generation of design talents to experiment with parts from iconic brands and new sustainable materials. Their design ideas are transformed into singular pieces of furniture near Stuttgart with the highest standards of quality and precision.​ Exceptional quality made in Germany.​

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